Aloe Vera

We Love Coconut Coffee in 28cl glas

Ok, now we are happy to announce our cold Coconut Coffee range in 3 different flavors. Flavors         Vanilla, Double Shot Espresso, Latte Macchiato Content       28cl glas Add              lactose-free, gluten-free, no artificial coloring, no preservatives


We Love Shots in 60cl glas

We love what we do and the Shots are our new baby. It is a healthy we to push and start the day. With a lot of energizing ingredients our shots is perfect to kick of the day. Flavors        Ginger Lemon, Aronia, Ginger Matcha and Mango Chilli Content       60ml…

Bubble Range

We Love Aloe Bubbles Drink in 33cl can

Nice, very nice. Based on the We Love Aloe Vera Drink concept we created a fantastic line extension in a stylish 33cl slim can with bubbles (sparkling) but without pulp. Pure, fresh – just open it and love it. Flavors         Mango, Water Melon, Original Content       33cl can Add…


The Love Company introduces We Love Aloe Cosmetics

Recently, The Love Company GmbH cooperated with 3 universities in Greece and Cyprus, and through extensive research and planning, we developed a vertical integration facility.  Our well trained scientists, along with our food technologists oversee our farms and crops aiming at continuous research, development and perfection in the production quality. As of today, The Love…


We did it – The Love Company GmbH

May 2018, after the idea to found the company build on the idea of “we love what we do” the company was officially founded in May, 5.  

Drink Range

We Love Aloe Drinks in 50cl PET

We love what we do. We are glad to introduce our new baby “We love Aloe Drink” in 7 different flavors. Aloe Vera drink is made from aloe vera jucie with aloe pulp and flavour. Flavors         Melon, Water Melon, Pomegranate, Apple, Mango, Lime, Strawberry Content       50cl PET Add    …